Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

editor notes for issue 9

Water is essential, not just for our bodies but for our psychology. It has been a powerful symbol of healing, adventure, mystery and the human unconscious. This issue of Rabbit and Rose is dedicated to various thoughts about water. There are some of my very favorite people in this issue. Enjoy it like a hot bath, a swim in the ocean, a meaningful protest or a day spent fishing with family. Hugs to all.

contents of issue 9

Silver Shower of Stars
Stephanie JT Russell

At the Edge of Drowning
Erika T. Wurth

Pennie Opal Plant

Ofi' Tohbi'
Jenny L. Davis

Linda Rodriguez

The Shell Seekers
Susan Deer Cloud

At Water Village
Kimberly Weiser

The ridiculous optimious of the Daffodil
Zigi Lowenberg

Howard Miller

Land of Water
Suha Hassan

Redding Road
Jabez Churchill

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