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editor notes for issue 5

It was pointed out to me that most of my own writing is about water and a friend once did a Chinese horoscope for me and told me that my chart had too much water in it so I suppose that somewhere in there there is some sense. It is essential that we all become more aware of the water on this planet because our actions are having serious consequences. Between the various poisonings of the aquafirs and the North Pacific Gyre we cannot be said to be managing that resource with anything like a gentle hand. I generally believe in investing in beauty, so here are some mouths full of lovely water for you. Now you all write some.

contents of issue 5

Considering Oceans
Linda Rodriguez

Howard Miller

Clear Lake
Martha Cinader Mims

Reflections on Water
John D. Berry

Jeanette Calhoun Mish

Kim McMillon

Mary Jean Robertson

Water, Light, Sails Up! Reckless
Brianna Lee Pruett

Red River Moan
Rain C. Gomez

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