Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

editor notes for issue 12

These are trying times. They are simultaneously exceptional and infuriatingly mundane. They call for caring and communal responsibility and surviving at the most basic level.

Turtle knows the safety of home is not the same as the safety of fleeing. It recognizes that some dangers can’t be outrun but can be waited out. It requires different muscles, wariness, moving slowly and carefully through the world.

Rabbit recommends that a little tea and cookies can get you through almost anything. And maybe some of Possum’s sourdough bread.

Neither of us recommends letting buzzard cut your hair.

For this issue of Rabbit & Rose, and always, we the editors recognize the importance of holding up, of listening to. Black voices and Black stories, many of whom are Native. We are reminded that the audience does not get to pick what stories are told, nor the format, and like any good audience, we trust the storytellers to build the world we need, not the world we think want. In the darkest and brightest of times, our histories are intertwined. When we are called to live up to our reciprocal relationships to our Black kin and community members, it is our responsibility to act on it.

contents of issue 12

Bobby Coleman

Ancient Greek Study of the Pomegranate
Katie Aliferis

Clara Hsu

M. Carmen Lane

triangles and other polygons
Morgan L. Green

Your softness matters so much right now
Zoe Todd

Grieving Tree
Jenny L. Davis

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