About Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

About this web version

This version is oriented toward ARIA, RWD and social media

The site is built using both Adobe and bootstrap. Bootstrap gurantees ARIA compatability.. ARIA rules are set (and modified as the need arises) to allow persons with disabilities a broader range of access to the internet. The internet itself is meant to engage larger and more diverse audiences. This is expansiion into an (often) underserved group.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

There are many screen sizes served by a web sight. Just a few years ago, a seperate design was needed for each. Or as a minimum one for phone, one for tablet and one for desktop. RWD takes a single design and makes it useable on any screen width. Well, most. Some tweeking may be needed.

Social Media

We are adding social mediia. Beginning with Google, Twitter and Facebook. These will be added over time, as will others. The idea is to evolve. Nothing drastic. Just a steady change

Navigating this site

Welcome Page

The key to navigating the site is the navigation bar located just below the graphic at the top of each page.

On this (welcome) page, there arre two items listed, about and Issue 01-10. This will change with additional issues. To begin, click Issue 01-10.

Issue Page

A dropdown menu will display Issue 01 through 10. Click one. Lets assume you chose issue 2.

Click Issue 2 on the menu bar and a dropdown menu showing the writings and their authors appear.

In the body of the issue page will be editor notes and a piece af artwork.

Writings Page

Click a writing and the writing and the author bio appear.