Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

editor notes for issue 4

You are my ecstatic
Dance my hand holding
Fast to the hand of another
Poet through her
Words even in these years
Gone and some morning the
Did you see?
My tightening hand on those words
The round dances associated with the Idle No More movement made me want an issue dedicated to dance. We are changing. We are ALL changing. So here in bed, still dark out but waiting for the dawn here at the sharp end of shift and the threat of rain I am comforting myself with a few warm memories of dance: listening to the drum and eating pinons with Pennie, shaking out my shawl fringe and standing to dance with MJ, the feel of a cupped foot in a traditional a-la&#$%;su-lo (don't bother correcting me if my spelling is bad, I'm irredeemable but I'm tired of the assumption that they are all mocs). We are ALL changing. Here comes the rain.

contents of issue 4

A Tip From the Butterflies
Nicole Savage

At The Stomp Dance
Linda Rodriguez

Gone Dancing
Deborah A. Miranda

Linda Boyden

Time of the Circle Dance
Mary Jean Robertson

Nazbah Tom

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