Rabbit and Rose

beaded rabbit

editor notes for issue 8

There have been a raft of deaths in my world, even more diagnoses of cancer, other chronic illnesses, our rivers are sick. . . I needed there to be a collection of healing. Here it is. I know that this is shorter than usual, but in this case the play is the thing. My thanks to all of the amazing poets who have contributed.

contents of issue 8

Linda Rodriguez

The Healing Soup
Jaunita Pahdopony

Army of Artists
Raymond Nat Turner

Where Wings once were
Zigi Lowenberg

What they don't tell you when they tell you about cancer
James Mackay

Ghosts Floating on the Flat White Bed
Erika T. Wurth

Remission Dawning
Stephany JT Russell

Fire Garden
Suha Hassan

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