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editor notes for issue 7

When I initially did the call for poems for this issue of Rabbit and Rose I asked to be dazzled. I have been. I'd hoped for cheerfulness, for summer flowers of poems. As you can all see what I got was very different. I felt that these poems were stunning. I'm a lazy editor. I don't post the calls to every form of social media. I don't post the calls to every page that I know writers frequent. When I posted this call a number of people asked if they could repost it to Native writer pages on Facebook. I read all kinds of poetry, not just poems written by Native people. I have published the writing of many different categories of folk. I am a poetic omnivore. Now, what is also true is that I know more Native writers, specifically Native women writers, than any other group. As a result I publish more of them. If you read the bios of this issue carefully you will find that there are even some men who contributed. This project was always about collecting things that I like. In the case of this issue, I know and have a soft spot for every writer on here. Read, enjoy, look them up; most of these characters have books out, edit their own online journals, and/or read in public on a regular basis. If you enjoy this taste bite go for more.

contents of issue 7

Sweeping Away
Rain C. Gomez

Semper Fidelis
John D. Berry

To the White Woman Who Told Me,
Misty Shipman Ellingburg

Martin Hinkel

Kenzie Allen

washing dirt
Gary Gach

Linda Boyden

We circle the tipi one time
Juanita Padopony

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