Rabbit and Rose

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editor notes for issue 1

As a writer whenever I do a question and answer round, people always ask me what I read. I read everything but there are some things I read over and over. For the time being Rabbit and Rose is a by invitation only periodical. The people you see here are people whose work I really feel strongly about, the ones whose new poem I await with excitement. These are the writers who teach me things with their work, even on multiple readings. I hope to introduce you to, or remind you of, some very fine pieces and to expand the contributors list in future issues. A brief note on the seeming gender bias in this premier issue: I asked an equal number of men and women to contribute and no men actually sent me any work. I intend to address this imbalance in the next issue. For now do understand, it wasn't a lack of trying. Thank you for taking time out to consume poetry. This journal is a work of great affection for both me and my father who is acting as webmaster for this project. I am also grateful to the poets for their participation. Enjoy

contents of issue 1

A Post-Colonial Irony
Tiffany Midge

The Diversity of Birds at Fort Gibson Lake, Oklahoma
Toni McNeilly

Nicole Henares

Stephanie JT Russell

Trace A. DeMeyer

Legend of the ancient song bird
devorah major

The Sap is Rising
Abena Songbird

Letting Down the Stories
Kimbeerly L. Becker

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