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editor notes for issue 3

It is no accident that cold season holidays have a strong food focus. As the days get shorter and I feel my leaves dying back I can say that this year has been a supreme challenge and I, for one, need a rest. This issue was almost focused on poems that included the word 'vagina' in honor of the Michigan State Legislature, but I'll be honest here, I need some calm and shared bounty more than I need rage at the moment. The women who were banned in Michigan are invited to attend the party, certainly. Recent elections went generally in a direction that I was hoping for, all things considered the storms on the east coast caused less damage then they might have, and solid poets have laid us all a feast. Come and read and be fed.

contents of issue 3

Blessing For the Meal
Indira Allegra

Gracias, Sabás
Brandon Cesmat

Red Door on Mott Street
Stephania JT Russell

Howard Miller

Martin Hinkel

Cooking Stories
Linda Boyden

Table Leavings
Rain Prud'homme_Cranford Gomez

Kabubu Bread
Luke Warm Water

Into The Cauldron of Iron
Lorraine Cathey

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